Computer engineering? Electrical Engineering?

<p>How are these two majors at UCI? How do these two majors at this school compare to another school like Cal poly pomona? I heard that UCI does not offer as many labs and job offers as cal poly pomona. Can someone clarify. Thanks</p>

<p>hey futbol4,</p>

<p>As a 4th year Computer Engineer @ UCI... I must give the fair warning that Cpe and EE are VERY hard majors at UCI and most likely at every other school as well. There are more abundant offers in comparison to other majors due to the high demand and small graduating class sizes. Only 17 are graduating in the class of 2010 for Comp Eng!! The biggest difference between a UC and Cal Poly as Jas0n once said is Research Opportunities. Basically the ability to work along side very talented professors on very narrow and technical projects.. if you are interested you can look up the EECS Professors and they should have a profile about what they work on. The amount of labs a school offers and the job offers that students get don't really correlate but speaking from my point of view as a Senior, I would say job offers will be quite abundant for a student... given that you have at least built your resume up,(ie. internship or research experience) and have achieved moderate grades..(~3.0GPA). In terms of attaining an interview, employers look more strongly at work done outside of the classroom.. since everyone takes the same lab courses. So to stand out I would highly recommend pursuing an internship, research position or participating in a separate technical project(ie. UCISAT, Microsoft Imagine Cup, programming competitions, etc..)</p>

<p>I would say though that there are more job opportunities at the moment for Computer Engineers, higher salaries too in most cases hehe, than Electrical Engineering due to the high demand for Software Engineers/Programmers.</p>

<p>Lastly, I cannot speak much about Pomona but I feel at a UC you can gain more opportunities due to the large active student body and great professors. Also Irvine has plenty of companies in the area that actively hire EEs/Cpes as interns and full-times every year. Ie. Broadcom, Linksys, Intel, Emulex, IBM, Canon, Northrop Grumman, Skyworks, Conexant.. etc.</p>