Computer Engineering in California

I'm pursing International Baccalaureate right now & i look forward to attend college in California. My SAT scores is around 1700. My academics scores aren't so great but they are decent ie. 32/42 in IB.
Could anyone suggest me which UC and CSU are good for Computer Engineering, looking at my scores, like i know UCLA & UCB are great. but i doubt ill get in. </p>

<p>i had a few universities in mind -
CSUF (fresno)

<p>another thing-
Is it advised to get into a CSU and then take a transfer to UC in 2nd year?</p>

<p>Please help me shortlist to 4 -5 universities including safe ones.... and tell me about any other better universities..
Thank you..</p>

<p>Your grades are good but SAT scores will probably hinder your admission to all of the UCs. What is your math+reading? Scores are a little low for SJSU, but you might get into some of the other CSUs. </p>

<p>SJSU, Cal Poly SLO and Pomona are the best CSUs for Computer Engineering. You might try the ACT if you want to attend any of those.</p>

<p>Are you out of state? Can you afford to pay out of state rates for California public universities ($50K+ at UCs, $35K for CSUs)?</p>

<p>No it’s not advisable to attend a CSU and attempt to transfer to a UC. UCs have articulation agreements with California community colleges; this is the easiest path the UC acceptance.</p>

<p>Thank you for your prompt reply…
My math score is around 680 and reading is around 550… </p>

<p>Yes i am out of state… and yea i can afford the UC and CSU but id prefer CSU…
So i should look at Cal Poly SLO and pomon?</p>

<p>Is it better to take the community college pathway as UC’s are better than CSU? If so, Can you suggest any community college?</p>

<p>Frosh and transfer admission thresholds for SJSU are shown here: [[/url</a>] . However, they may change each year, depending on how many apply for each major each year.</p>

<p>Use [url=&lt;a href=“”&gt;]Welcome</a> to ASSIST](<a href=“][/url”> to find community colleges which have the best coverage of prerequisite courses for your major at your target UCs and CSUs. Note that community colleges near the target university often have better coverage (e.g. Cuesta for CPSLO, Laney and Diablo Valley for UCB, Evergreen Valley for SJSU).</p>

<p>Since you’re from out of state anyway, why not consider programs that are higher ranked in other states that’ll you’ll probably have a great shot at getting into vs. the often overcrowded California schools? Illinois, Georgia Tech, Texas, and Purdue are all Top 10 Computer Engineering programs and Texas is a real bargain, pricewise. (Michigan is also on the list, but costs a fortune.) Texas and Georgia are also relatively warm, if that’s an issue.</p>

<p>Thank you for that link ucbalumnus.</p>

<p>I think ill apply to
Cal Poly SLO
Cal Poly Pomona</p>

<p>and ill try for UCSD, UCSB and to be on a safer side apply to 1-2 community colleges for the UC’s…</p>

<p>Could you rank them in order and tell me is that sounds good?</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice, but i was planning to move to california as my brother is working there overthat california being the hub for Computer engineering.
Although i had thought of applying to Purdue and IIT due to the high acceptance rates and i might…
ill be applying to around eight universities, around 5 in california and 3 in other states.</p>

<p>Not IIT, U of I. Some guy named Marc Andreessen went there once, back in the Stone Age. I hear he had some wild idea and it turned out pretty well.</p>

<p>Oh okay… Thanks… Yea He is the cofounder of Netscape…
Any idea about SDSU?</p>

<p>Not really, but UCSD is recognized as a leader in the field. </p>

<p>I really wouldn’t worry about being in California for your education, you just need to get the best one you can before heading there. The top firms go to the best schools to recruit, and since your brother lives there, you can always move after graduating and apply from there. (Silicon Valley firms tend to like “locals”, since there is more than enough talent in the area without having to pay to move anyone.) Plus, 4-5 years is forever in computer years, so who knows what the employment landscape will look like then. A top flight education is portable.</p>

you have a point, ill take that in consideration :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot…
so how about i apply to these universities-</p>

<p>University of California, San Diego
University of California, Santa Barbara
University of Illinios at Urbana-Champaign
Purdue University
San Jose State University
California State Polytechnic University,San Luis Obispo
California State Polytechnic University,Pomona</p>

<p>Could you just help me rank them?</p>

<p>Thanks for the help again :)</p>

<p>Aren’t you going to retake that SAT? What was the M score? I think the SAT is going to shut you out of engineering and UC’s.</p>

<p>I like the list, and I really think that any of the top 4 would be great. Going by USNews, UCSD is #12, UCSB is #19, Illinois is #4, and Purdue is #10. I think personal factors will come more into play than ranking, you’ve got to like the place. If I had to do it all over again, I’d go to Illinois on reputation alone, but I’m from the midwest, so I know the weather. UCSD would be tempting just for the great weather plus the education.</p>

<p>The bottom three I really don’t know well enough to comment on.</p>

<p>BTW, you might also want to consider software engineering. It’s not the same thing as computer engineering, but is potentially more lucrative, though it’s less well known. Think of it as designing software from the top down rather than coding it from the bottom up. The ability to plan and manage large software projects is going to be a job that’s around forever. You can probably easily switch between the two once you decide if you like hardware or software better.</p>

<p>The Cal States in your list are all excellent and Cal Poly SLO is considered the top CSU. Unless you can bring your SAT scores up or ace your ACT, it will be difficult for you to be admitted there. Most Cal Poly CPE (Computer Engineering) grads go straight to industry rather than grad school - does that fit with your plans? CPE is a very small program at Cal Poly and draws coursework from the EE and Computer Science departments.</p>

<p>What is your GPA on a 4.0 scale?</p>

<p>Yes im taking the SAT exam in October.
My math score was 680</p>

<p>Thank you for the rankings…</p>

<p>I am particularly interested in Computer Engineering… and more over the hardware bit of it… thanks anyways :)</p>

<p>What the main difference between a California State & California Poly.??
and how is CSU LB for engineering?</p>

<p>im not sure about the conversion of IB points to GPA… its 32/42 IB points</p>

<p>The Cal Polys are part of the California State University system.</p>

<p>What about schools in your state of residency?</p>

<p>Oh okay… these focus on engineering right?
I am an international student…</p>

<p>The CSU system has undergraduate education as its mission; the colleges do not offer doctoral degrees. Cal Poly SLO in particular is focused on hands-on learning with students participating in a wide variety of projects. Its College of Engineering is highly respected in California but generally unknown in the rest of the country.</p>

<p>[CSUMentor</a> - Explore Campuses - Campus Facts](<a href=“Cal State Apply | CSU”></p>

<p>The UC campuses are research powerhouses and provide opportunities for world-class education. They tend to focus on theory rather than application, and would be a good choice if you plan to go to grad school.</p>

<p>[University</a> of California](<a href=“]University”></p>