Computer Engineering Major

<p>Does Duke not have a CE major for undergrad? Or is it the ECE major? I really want to go in to CE but not sure about doing Electrical as well so I was just wondering.</p>

<p>It's combined as an ECE major. They are very interrelated.</p>

<p>Ah, ok Xeneise. Do you think that if I major in ECE, then I will have time to get a minor? I am interested in taking either Economics or a Markets and Management as my minor.</p>

<p>Yes. Some engineering students will even double major in something like Econ, which I am considering.</p>

<p>^^ keep in mind that in order to do the engineering/trinity double major, you will probably need to have a decent amount of AP credit/and or overload (or do summer school...). Also, markets and management is a certificate program (about 7 classes) not a minor (generally about 5 classes)</p>

<p>Yes. I am currently a double major in ECE and Physics - it is definitely possible, it just takes extra work. Credit carried over from high school helps a lot. One of my friends, currently sitting next to me, is an ECE/Econ double major, and didn't decide on either major until relatively recently. There is enough flexibility in the scheduling to do pretty much whatever you want.</p>