Computer Engineering or Computer Science

So I want to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering or CS. I am more of a geek and also looking for substantial aid as international student. I am looking at Lafayette, University of Rochester and Harvey Mudd right now. But am not as confident as I would like to be because of my SAT- super score 2030
Please help me find my fit! :slight_smile: Thank you

Your scores are too low for Harvey Mudd.

Maybe have a look at Rose-Hulman. I have no idea what their financial aid is though.

thank you so much! yes, Harvey Mudd is super reach for me.

You should also look at Purdue’s computer engineering program; decent ranking but relatively easy to get in. Harvey Mudd is probably too much of a reach.

How much can your family afford?

thank you, I looked at Purdue and liked it very much

around $10K

I was also wondering how much of an effect GPA has I have a GPA of 3.9

I’m not optimistic that with your statistics, that you can get this education for $10K/yr in the US or Canada. Try University of Cape Town South Africa. Tuition is about $5300, and instruction is in English.

oh thank you, i’ll look into it