Computer Engineering

<p>Hey everyone.
I'm thinking of majoring in Computer Engineering; however, i have no previous knowledge of coding etc...
How would i approach this major coming in fresh with no previous experience. When i went to orientation, i had people telling me how they knew C+ and C++ :O
what course should i take to start off?

<p>If you haven't already seen this...<a href=""&gt;;/a> You'll have to look up prerequisites though, they're not mapped at all.</p>

<p>I think you mean C and C++, or maybe C#. XD Anyhow, you can take CMPS 5C in fall for a good intro to C++. Doesn't count for the major but it would give you a good background. Also, you need to take either CMPS 12A (offered fall and winter) or CMPS 5J(winter) and 11(spring). Those are your possible starting points. 12A is an advanced course that assumes a minimal knowledge of programming- you could get through it with determination, but I suggest not doing that. The other option is taking CMPS 10 for a VERY easy intro to coding and computer science/engineering concepts. It does a little bit of C++, enough to prepare you for 12A in winter.</p>

<p>So you have a number of choices. It's all up to you, how hard you want to push yourself.</p>