Computer Games

I enjoy computer programming and I’ve spent a large portion of my spare time programming games. One game I’ve spent a rather large amount of time on is rather similary to the original Sim City, except it takes place in Ancient Greece, so there are several different game rules. Nonetheless, I’d like to send these games to the colleges I’m applying to, though on most of the online applications, there aren’t any options for uploading extra files. I would like some advice on how I could send these games to colleges. (?via e-mail?, ?regular mail?)

<p>Hmm, how about mail? (through cd or something. )
ps. I LOVE SimCity. you?</p>

<p>i hope you're applying to CMU, MIT or Caltech or some other tech school. For Caltech, I say send a screenshot of your game and caption it humorously.</p>

<p>I doubt that the adcoms will take the time to put the CD in a computer and actually check it out. The screenshot idea is much better as that way, it's right in their face :)</p>