Computer Science at Albany

Son was accepted with Presidential Scholarship. I had considered Albany and afterthought, a safety. However we went to Scholars day there last month and I was pleasantly surprised. They started building the College of Engineering and have moved CS over to that department. Looks they have been hiring a lot of new faculty.

Just wonder how things have changed in CS and what opportunities, internships and job offers come to CS students and grads?

He was also accepted to Binghamton/Watson & Buffalo, waitlisted at Stony Brook. Many would assume Binghamton as first choice, but getting through the program at Binghamton is challenging. If he struggles there then where do you go? Not much choice to move around except into Harpur, which is not a terrible option.

He really wants to be in NYC and we have offers from NYU (not Tandon), Fordham, Manhattan, St. John’s and Pace for CS. NYU and Fordham would both cost around 50K after aid. NYU would be cool but it’s certainly a stretch and I’m not quite sure about the fit for him.

So does anyone have any news on the CS department at Albany. Has it changed in recent years? What kind of internships are available? Are the internships only in the Capitol/Upstate NY region or are financial and fintech companies in NYC recruiting there?

However, I think having the resources of a huge state school with a program not quite as rigorous as the others may have some advantage.

I mean, I know UAlb CS majors who have interned with amazing companies such as EY. Don’t let stupid rankings fool you. Also, UA will surprise you; it’s harder than you think.

Put enough work in, and any college will be fine. It is what the student does once they get to uni. I cannot stress this enough