Computer Science at Clark?

<p>How strong is the computer science at Clark? Clark seems like a very highly-regarded psychology/philosophy/etc. kind of school, but is it at all renowned for its technology aspects? I searched a little, and looked at their site, but for the kind of feedback I am looking for, to no avail. Thanks all.</p>

<p>Clark is not known at all for CS. It is strong in Psychology, Geography, & Bio. There are better choices for CS.</p>

<p>What about WPI?</p>

<p>Thanks for the feedback. I didn't think it was a technology-oriented school. As for WPI, I know and respect it, but after seeing so many glowing reviews for Clark as a place to "become an individual" and so forth it made me wonder how their computer science was. I'm going to take a closer look at RPI, WPI, Northeastern, etc.</p>

<p>I'm sure they have a good program, maybe not as good as some of the technical schools though</p>

<p>My son was admitted to a very good Ph.D. program from Clark. Don't be misled by stereotypical responses. Follow up on your interest in attending the school and majoring in computer science.</p>

<p>To be honest, I know very few CS majors. </p>

<p>If you're truly interested, I would suggest searching the faculty listing for the CS department. See what they're working on and if that is of any interest to you. If so, send them an email. Most faculty are friendly and will reply back.</p>

<p>how are the eco and math departments?</p>