Computer Science at Colorado College? Grinnell?

My son was admitted to Grinnell and Colorado College and likes both schools. He is planning to major in CS. He is mostly self taught thus far but seems to be fairly advanced (was able to score well on an AP CS test, had published an app, etc- although full disclosure I do not know anything about CS).
My questions:
Do the offerings at either/both of these small, liberal arts-focused schools prepare students well for a career in computer science?
Do they have enough options to keep an already advanced student learning for all 4 years?
Any advice on what to look for/be wary of?
Thanks in advance!

He may want to look at the upper level CS course offerings and how often they are offered to see if there is enough to keep him occupied with CS at each college.

Colorado College has the one-course-at-a-time scheduling – does he consider that a plus or minus?

Does cost differ or matter?

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Considered by the strength of its department in general, Grinnell should be expected to offer an excellent computer science program.

For theoretical and practical approaches to the field of CS, math courses can be highly reinforcing. These relevant math courses would extend your son’s range further than through courses offered in these college’s CS departments alone. Grinnell, in particular, offers an excellent math program.

In deciding between these two schools, it also would be advisable to consider aspects beyond their computer science (and math) programs.

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Reputation-wise, Grinell seems to score high on the CS scale, where as CC has a reputation of a well-rounded LAC …