Computer Science at GSU vs KSU?

I’ve thought over this day and night, and still have not been able to make a decision. I know that gaTech is the best school for CS in Georgia, but I don’t think I’m good enough to be accepted into it, so I’m moving on to the next best choices!! I heard that Kennesaw has much better engineering/tech program after consolidating with Southern Polytechnic. Their computer science program has been accredited by ABET and I’ve heard that the course is more hands-on. On the other hand GSU is located in Atlanta, so I feel like I’d be able to be more in touch with the current tech scene then if I was at Kennesaw. (It’s also closer to my home which is a plus, though it doesn’t matter too much.) But GSU’s CS program hasn’t been accredited and I feel like the larger class size would make it difficult for me to really learn well.

There is also Agnes Scott college, the other school I’ve thought of attending as it has a dual degree for CS with emory. The only reason I’d consider this school is for safety reasons and comfort. I’m worried that I would be one of the few girls in the CS program at GSU and KSU, and that I’d have a hard time making friends and fitting in.

But basically, I’d like to hear from someone who has been in either the GSU or KSU (or SPSU) CS program or someone who knows someone who’s attended either school. Which school should I choose? Which school will give me a more thorough education?