Computer Science at JMU?

If you had to tell someone a unique aspect of James Madison University, what would it be?
How structured is Madison’s debate team? What is their food like? Does JMU have adequate residential halls and study rooms?
How is the campus’s ‘atmosphere’? What are the major disadvantages/cons of attending JMU?

Also, how academically strong is JMU? What are its areas of specialty? I’m interested in majoring in Computer Science, Music Technology, Spanish, or Computer Information Systems. I’m aiming at a double major in Computer Science and Music Technology with a minor in Spanish.

@AppleAngel75 – It would be very difficult to double major in Computer Science (a BS degree), and Music Industry (a BM degree) at JMU. Do you play a musical instrument or sing? The Music Industry program at JMU is through the School of Music and all students in the program must have a primary instrument, and take the complete Music core. You could potentially Major in Computer Science and Minor in Music Industry.

I teach at JMU, so do not have the student perspective, but to answer a few questions…

JMU is an incredibly friendly campus. Though approximately 20,000, it feels smaller.

It is an undergraduate focused university, with very few masters/ doctoral programs, so undergraduates get a lot of opportunities for research.

The food is VERY VERY good!

I guess a disadvantage of JMU is if you would like to go to college in an urban area. Harrisonburg is a great college town, but about 2 hours from DC and Richmond… although this is an advantage if you want to go to a university in a college town.

JMU is academically selective, and strong overall.