Computer Science at Manhattan

Son was accepted to Manhattan with a good package and in the honors program as a CS major. He really wants an NYC location. He was also accepted to NYU (Manhattan not Brooklyn Polytechnic), Fordham, St. John’s, Pace, Bingamton, Albany, Buffalo and a lot more that are off the table.

Not quite sure about the strength of Manhattan’s computer science program, It’s outside of the engineering department. The biggest concern is Manhattan’s name recognition and opportunity for paid internships and job offers after graduation. With a CS degree should be fairly easy to get a job, but getting a great job right out of college is the difference.

With NYU & Binghamton, I know there would be great internships to choose from. Companies are actively recruiting graduates from these programs. I get a sense that Manhattan is well known in the civic circles, MTA, ConEd, NYC government. But what about financial, fintech, and tech startup scene growing in NYC. Obviously you can’t expect opportunities to fall on your lap, but the choice of school can help to dictate these options.

Any experience with either the CS or even Computer engineering students and grads and what opportunities are available to them?