Computer Science at Trinity (UofT) or Software Engineering (COOP) at Waterloo

Hi friends,

I have to make a decision and need your help. I have been accepted at University of Waterloo’s Software Engineering (COOP) program with a President’s scholarship and also at University of Toronto’s Computer Science program in Trinity college with no scholarship. I like both very much. There are other offers and scholarships but I have shortlisted these two.

I am from India and plan to live on campus for the first year. I would like to get a good job with a good company in US (preferred as I am a US/Canadian citizen) or Canada and also learn entrepreneurship. I am not too keen on future research etc. I also value campus life since it will never happen again in my life.

This is what I have learned so far. If you could give your opinion and share some facts, it would really help.

WATERLOO: Prepares you for an excellent job, highly coveted COOP program, get experience and make money, strong alumni network in silicon valley, focus on entrepreneurship, no campus life, search for a job for the first 6 weeks of the study term and then study very hard for the exams. not well known outside north america (don’t know if this is relevant).

TORONTO: Prepares you for higher education. Has one year PEY (personal experience year) where I can get a job for one year. Google is also partner with UofT, I guess there is a good campus life, University is renowned and recognized worldwide. Will get to interact with students from other faculties (at Trinity), prestige of Trinity (which I don’t care much about)

Has anyone in a similar situation chosen UofT over Waterloo and why? Thank you.

@Mountain123 Are you aware that admission to CS at U of T requires meeting certain grade standards in your first year courses?

In your case, I would choose Waterloo. It has an excellent name in Canada and the US for STEM.