Computer Science at UT Austin?

At first I was considering engineering, but I’ve been looking into computer science recently and it seems very fascinating to me. The only problem is, I have no previous programming experience. Would this hinder my potential to be successful in CS at UT Austin? Also, how does the job market look for computer science grads (pay, job openings, etc.)? I understand that CS there is pretty highly regarded, I just don’t want to be so far behind that I get a low GPA and won’t be able to get any internships/jobs.

I’m also a high school student seriously considering computer science as a major so this may be the blind leading the blind, but from what I’ve read:

  • Previous programming experience is not required/strictly necessary for CS programs. Obviously, it would not be smart to go into a CS program if you know absolutely nothing about computers or technology in general, but you don't have to come in and know how to code or program. Since most high schools don't teach anything related to computer science, colleges don't expect for you to come in with a lot of knowledge.
  • The job market for computer science grads is excellent. Great pay and many options. But it's never smart to go into a field just because you think that you will make a lot of money after you graduate.