Computer Science B.S. at Ursinus or Temple

<p>I thought i was almost sure i wanted to go to temple but then i heard back from Ursinus who got tuition for me down to 5k a year, temple got me down to less than 1k a year but i would have to pay for room and board ~10k and live on campus at temple (I would eventually move off). At ursinus i live less than ~15 mins away from campus so it would be pointless for me to live there. I'm not really a partyer and dont drink but i really want to make new friends and find a bunch of people with similar interests in computer science and video games and things. I Really need help deciding. I never heard of the computer science program at Ursinus and im only assuming they even offer a b.s. in it as i could not find anything on their website about it but does anyone know if they have a good program? Which would look better and help me find a job better afterward? Thank you i really appreciate any responses. Cross posting this.</p>

Which did you decide on? My D is looking at both schools as well for fall start.