Computer Science Chances... Plz Chance Me, The 2 replies are my additions... didn't know about edit

I have done quite a bit of research by myself however I would love to have to more opinions…

My top choices (reaches) for Computer Science schools are UCI, Cal Poly Pomona, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, USC, UCSB, UCSC, feel free to give any schools that you think are good options as well (looking at schools “near” LA)

Going to be a Senior starting August

My UC GPA is:
Unweighted GPA: 3.43
Weighted GPA: 3.78
Weighted and Capped GPA: 3.78

3.8 freshman (6 classes, 0 APs)
2.8 unweighted, 3.0 weighted sophomore year (6 classes, 1 AP)
4.35 weighted junior year (with 7 classes, 3 APs)
Unfortunately I will not know my class rank until my grades go in when school starts, I was in Kansas City for Junior year (highschool was ranked #3 in Kansas)

Senior year course-load
AP Computer Principles
AP Calc AB (I took pre calc this summer to get ahead and take this class)
AP Gov
AP Lit
Spanish 3

My current SAT is 1360, 670 English, 690 Math

  • I have 3 more chances but I am confident I can easily reach around 1420 or so, I studied extremely hard to go from a 1190 at the beginning of Junior year to the 1360 I received on June 2nd

Planning on taking the ACT 2 times and hopefully receiving a 29-30 (based off of SAT and Practice Tests)

Going to get the 50 hours of community service to graduate with honors…

Essay Topics?

  • Currently working as a (amateur) website developer although I have a few websites under my belt
  • In training programmer working on small projects (for my Uncle’s company)
  • My passion is definitely programming I like everything about it

My biggest worry is that terrible Sophomore year will they even consider me with that 3.0? I’m trying to do as much as I can to make up for it but I feel that it drags me down too far…

(June 2nd 2018) for my second SAT

Sorry I keep adding… Was in California Freshman and Sophomore, and for Senior year I am back in California for good (was only in Kansas City one year)

The sophomore grade-dip is going to hurt you more at UC’s than elsewhere, unfortunately, because your higher freshman grades don’t count there. Computer science is competitive at SLO too. You should have some fine options in the CA public system, but they probably won’t be your first choice options.

You might think about comparing your in-state options with what you could get through the WUE tuition exchange program. You can search by major here and then click through to the individual schools for details of the discounts they offer, what majors are included, etc. Many of these schools can be cheaper than UC’s after the discount.

You might especially want to look at U of Utah, U of New Mexico, both of the U of Nevada campuses, and Washington State U. In addition, Portland State would be basically a guaranteed admit (rolling admissions, so you could have this affordable safety lined up well before Thanksgiving if you apply early) but it has a very well-regarded CS program (in a great, fun city for students).

You can start out at any reputable CS program and do great. Harvey Mudd College, one of the top CS programs in the country, just hired two new CS professors… and they got their undergrad degrees at UCR and UNLV. If you love CS and work hard at it, you will have great opportunities at any of the WUE schools listed above, or any of the CA schools you listed. Good luck and welcome back to CA :slight_smile: