Computer Science/Computer Engineering program at WVU - Rankings

My son is thinking about WVU for computer engineering/computer science. He visited a while back and loved the atmosphere of the school a lot. It is undeniable that this school is going to be a very good value for him/us, and to be honest he has very few cons on his list for this university. The largest con for him is that he will be getting accepted into schools that are “ranked higher” for their computer education (he already has) - granted we figure that these other schools will not be the value. Computer science and computer engineering at WVU are ABET, which eases the concern a bit. So, I guess our family is looking for any comments on these programs at WVU and any thoughts on this school’s rankings as it is his largest concern at this point.

I am having the same concern. My son and I attended the engineering open house and both left feeling they were more hands on with their students. I’ve heard other, higher ranked schools, tend to weed out students with little guidance. We have been going back and forth, a higher ranked school or a school that will set him up to succeed.

WVU engineering is great
My hubs is a WVU ‘93 Engineering grad and is very successful- as are every one of his engineering friends from WVU. Our son chose WVU out of 7 state universities and he loves WVU- says he couldn’t be happier

WVU Engineering is great.
Your child should choose a university where they feel most comfortable and where they think they will succeed. My hubs is Industrial Engineering ‘93 WVU.
He had three job offers upon graduation and has been with an international corporation since ‘93- he is still friends with some WVU engineering professors.

I just saw your post. My son was accepted back in November but WVU is low on his list and he was accepted into computer science/engineering schools at much higher ranked colleges including University of Maryland and Ohio State (was deferred for Virginia Tech early decision engineering so we are still waiting to hear) but WVU is offering really good scholarship money so I think it is worth doing the 3.5 hr drive from Northern VA to check it out and at least be open-minded about the school. We are currently signed up for an admitted students tour/info day this coming Monday, 2/26. We just visited University of South Carolina last weekend where he was given comparable merit $ and our he really like it there but WVU and USC engineering/comp sci are ranked about the same (around #110 nationally but hard to figure out the true rankings.) Not sure why our son is so close-minded to WVU but I figure since I’m paying, I get to at least make him go look. It is going to be hard to compete with the weather though in Columbia since it was 80 degrees and sunny for our Feb 16 tour!

WVU remains on my son’s list. He will visit it again this March right after attending accepted students day at WPI and RIT. We’ll see what happens. We are letting him make the choice on where he believes he will be happy and succeed. Whatever happens we have been impressed by what we have seen at WVU. Also, the outreach by this school has been terrific and very welcoming. Absolutely some of the best marketing we’ve seen from any school - from the creative xmas card to the cartoon videos with “Country Roads”. Everything they have done has brought a smile to his face.

We will be at RIT and WPI this spring as well! Son was accepted to WVU in September, and he was very impressed with our October visit (beautiful fall weather!). Given the financial aid WVU offered, it will be hard for other schools to compete. The students were amazing–many of the seniors already had jobs lined up with prestigious employers. He loved the outdoor program and the connection to the engineering students. The team had just placed very high at Formula SAE competition and were so proud of their work. This is also the school that exposed the VW emissions issue. Maybe it is not as high in the rankings, but good things are happening here.

@LUVSML - did you tour on Monday? What did your S think?
WVU is my D’s #1 choice after our tour last fall (yes, it was an amazing day for touring, the Discover WVU day in October really made the place shine). We aren’t STEM, but I am always interested in hearing about others’ tours and their impressions.

@Gatormama - I really liked WVU. The admitted students campus tour was good and I our graduate student guide was awesome! I also loved that we sang Country Roads on the bus on the way back to the Visitor Center. I was also impressed with the engineering school tour and students we talked to there. Very cool labs. Also, toured Lincoln Honors Dorm and the rooms were really nice. Unfortunately, my son says it just doesn’t feel like where he wants to be the next four years but he can’t really give me a legitimate reason. :frowning:

Aw, I’m sorry @LUVSML … I know just how you feel.
For us, though, it’s D’s decision, once she meets our financial criteria, so I guess we just have to trust they know what they want.