Computer science? Merced vs University of San Francisco

HI! I’m an upcoming graduate for Homestead High. I just wanted to ask anyone out their thoughts in regards for which college has the better computer science program?

Hey there, I’m currently a graduating senior at UCM. I took a look at the USF CS Major courses ( and I found that they do have all of the essentials and they even have a lower div parallel computing course, which is interesting. The main thing is they do offer the essentials like compilers and OS. Just looking at the courses offered there vs here at UCM I can say that UCM offers way better courses and the dept is growing.

We offer similar lower division course work, but our upper division courses include:

  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Computer Networks
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Vision
  • Object Orient Programming
  • Database Systems
    and more coming

I can also say for sure that I get spammed all the time in my UCM email about jobs, internships, career fairs, etc. Our career person is extremely well connected and we constantly have big companies coming to our campus for talks.

Many of our students are also going on to work in the bay area with great careers and I personally know people who are going off to Facebook, and other Big 4 companies. I also have a job offer, but i don’t really want to disclose too much more, but yes it’s in the bay area making six figures.

Honestly your CS education is what you make of it. You will encounter many people who cheat and are in it only for the money and by the time they graduate they don’t even have a resume yet. While there’s some of us who constantly grind through leetcode, study cracking the coding interview and do mock interviews.You get what you put in to it.