Computer science (minoring)

<p>I've lately been interested in minoring in computer science. I would major, but I'd have to graduate a year late. I've taken 40 credits at community college thus far and will be transferring, none of which are computer science or calculus courses. I've noticed many schools offer a BA in computer science, which doesn't require too many math or science electives, just the core requirements, so MAYBE that's feasible. Anyway, would a minor in computer science enable me to apply for cs related jobs? Law school is still my primary goal at the moment, but I'm looking at alternatives also.</p>

<p>Maybe, if you have a physics or math degree as your major. Definitely not if your major is pre-law or something...</p>

<p>Well, it wouldn't be pre-law. But something liberal arts based, sure.</p>

<p>You can apply with any degree, but you won't be as competitive as somebody who majored. If you want to so software, it's worth the extra year. I can't recommend a BA either, but it's better than a minor for getting a job.</p>

<p>Well, not sure exactly what I'd want to do. There's no way I'd be able to take calculus at my current school and I'd be transferring in the spring. I suppose there's always grad school in comp sci.</p>