Computer Science program in Michigan, but flexible

<p>Ok, I need to get back to school. I have some college already, 59 credits towards a computer info systems degree to be exact. Plan is to take what I can from that and use it to finish a computer science degree. </p>

<p>Problem is I'm working full time and it seems to be very difficult to find schools that offer anything for computer science online. I don't even need a full online schedule, just some to take to load off of having to get to school after work every week. </p>

<p>Any good Michigan schools you know of that has a good hybrid degree program or that would be able to make one for me?</p>

<p>If you're looking for online programs, why do they have to be based out of Michigan? Are you looking for a public program that will cost just in-state tuition? </p>

<p>The first few places I'd look out of state would be University of Maryland University College, Penn State World Campus, University of Illinois Online, Regents Online Campus Collaborative (Tennessee), but I'm sure there are plenty of others.</p>

<p>yes it was strictly on the basis of in state tuition. So what other college offer online programs at in state rates? Any way I can search for them?</p>