Computer Science Program

Just wondering if anyone has experience with the CS program at Gettysburg? Opinions about it? Ease of getting classes? Expertise of professors? Job opportunities after graduation?

For anyone reading this in the future- we just returned this week from the accepted students and STEM Scholars days. S spent 2 nights with other STEM Scholars who are extremely happy with their STEM programs (to include CS.) One student told him that the college spent a lot money on History and STEM. Their one CS room seemed quite up to date with 5 large TVs covering a wall in a room that could only hold 16 people. Largest classroom is 16, but it is rarely filled.

They have a relationship with Deloitte in Mechanicsburg, so many students intern and eventually work for Deloitte for their 1st job (or continue into academia.) Professors are very friendly and spent tons of time with my S. They talked to him about independent study if he wants to study something that they do not offer. (He also found the same thing with the person who runs the maker space.)