Computer Science Transfer at UC Berkeley/Cal

Hi there, I’m a senior in high school who plans on moving to NoCal to attend CC (I currently live in Virginia) then transfer to UC schools but I’m shooting for Cal. I’m an aspiring CS student who needs all the advice I can get. How should I schedule my classes, which CC is better to increase my chances, what ecs and internships help my chances, and just any advice to help me in general all is welcome! I’m graduating this year and I hope to transfer into Fall 2023 (Junior Year). I want all the help I can get so I have a have a track to follow to help increase my chances. When I do start attending CC I;'d love the help throughout it. Thank you so much <3

Are you parents also moving to California?

If you are in-state now for UVA, would you be able to stay in-state for four years? Are your grades and other factors strong enough to get accepted there?