<p>We are purchasing a new computer for my son to use at Bard. He intends on majoring in msic composition. I would appreciate any input from those who may know what works well or is recommended for Bard music students.</p>

<p>Aha - I can really answer this one as my son is majoring in music composition at Bard (Conservatory.) He has a powerful Mac laptop (not the cheapest) with extra memory. We also purchased decent speakers and a subwoofer and a keyboard to keep at Bard through all the years (through amazon which shipped for free.) He uses Finale to compose. </p>

<p>The Bard music program is fantastic! Have him check out the student-run new music ensemble - Contemporaneous with which he can get involved. They have a whole bunch of concerts already scheduled for the fall. (Check the events page on their website.)</p>