I’m planning on purchasing my college laptop soon, and I’m in need of some advice.

When I went to Destination Tulane last week, I noticed that all of the desktops in the library were Macs, and most of the students I saw around campus were using Macbooks. I’m really not thrilled about the idea of spending a ton of money on a Macbook, but would I be better equipped than I would be if I got a PC?

What is your planned major? Not that it matters as much as it used to, PC is just fine. But I know the architects still prefer Macs, and I think the business people lean PC. Liberal Arts is truly your choice, and I suspect same for the traditional sciences. Engineering I am not as sure, but these days there is virtually nothing that cannot be run on either. FWIW, my D had an HP PC and never had any issues, but she never had to do anything on it more sophisticated than write papers and do research on the internet.

My son has an HP PC as well and has had no issues.

My D has an HP PC also and it’s been fine for her as a math major.

son is in business and has PC, no problems at all.

The business school used to recommend PC because of some financial programs that didn’t run well on the Mac. But that was several years ago. I suspect that is no longer an issue.

business school recommended PC and says it won’t support MAC (as of fall 2014) but I have not heard of anyone with a MAC having problems for the business school programs.

Get what you like and are comfortable with.

Our tour guide at Destination Tulane said he had a Mac and when he needed to do something at the Business school that was “PC specific”, he just went over to one of their labs. Never had any trouble.