<p>Is it better to buy a Mac or Pc for the University Michigan? I am most likely going to be in the Ross School or majoring in economics. My other interests are science fields. Cost is not really a problem and I do not need it for games.</p>

<p>Business = PC. Computer Science = PC. In general, Sciences = PC.</p>

<p>It really shouldn't matter. For the rare occasion that you will need a Windows program, there are always computers around or you can use virtual connect. I know a lot of students LSA, Business, Engineering that have Macs and have no problems with software. I would say buy what you think is good (in terms of looks, cost, hardware, etc.)</p>

<p>Fact: No one uses a Mac in business world</p>

<p>^Out of curiosity, why? If I have a mac would I need to get a PC?</p>

<p>^No. You don't even need a computer. There are computers all over the place. </p>

<p>In general, Business should use PCs, Engineering should use PC or Linux, Math/Physics should use PCs (I think), Artsy stuff should use Macs. If you want to use something else, it doesn't matter. Whenever you really need a PC and have a Mac or vice-versa, you can find one on campus that you can use.</p>



<p>No, there's no sense in getting a new computer prematurely. It's more advice to those who are in the market for a new computer -- if you're going into business, get a PC. Not sure how long Macs last, but just get a PC as your next laptop.</p>


<p>"No one uses macs in the business world"</p>

<p>That may be true for now....but i dare you to say the same in the next 5 years.</p>

<p>Oh s***, you dare me? At this rate, statement will still hold. I'll hedge by adding at least in finance, because that's the field I know the most about.</p>

<p>MI2014, why do you believe Macs will become more prominent in the business world?</p>

Not sure how long Macs last


Apples has overtaken Microsoft as the world's biggest technology company. I wouldn't bet against Steve Jobs.</p>

<p>What does that have to do with the lifespan of a laptop</p>

<p>" MI2014, why do you believe Macs will become more prominent in the business world? "</p>

<p>I would like to know this one too....</p>

<p>Lets just be honest here, Macs are horribly over priced. I don't see why any business company would change from Mac to PC. They are nice and I love my Macbook pro, but I don't see why a company would change from PC to Mac. </p>

<p>" Apples has overtaken Microsoft as the world's biggest technology company. I wouldn't bet against Steve Jobs. " </p>

<p>While true, it doesn't apply here. The overwhelming majority of people still own PCs. Apple became huge off of their iPad, iPhone, iPod, and iTouch. So yes, Apple is now the largest Technology company in the world, but they still are trailing far behind Microsoft in the personal computer industry.</p>

Not sure how long Macs last


What does that have to do with the lifespan of a laptop


You are talking about the future of the Macs product line. Years ago people had predicted the demise of the Macs ... only to see Steve Jobs brought the product back much stronger than before. I learned not to bet against Jobs.</p>

<p>Btw, with windows mobile continuing to lose market share, what kind of smartphone will you buy next?</p>

<p>No, I was literally talking about the lifespan of the Mac laptop: "Not sure how long Macs last"; i.e. if the typical lifespan is about 3 or 4 years, the OP will be able to purchase a PC when he enters the business world after graduating.</p>

<p>I am actually quite confident in the business model of Apple. I don't know anyone who doubts the potential of that company.</p>

<p>Thanks for the responses guys. So would you recomend PC's or do u think that a pc might be much less sturdy and have more problems than the MAC? I just want a computer that's going to last throughout college and get the job done easily and efficiently. I'm wondering if a PC can do that. Finally, what would be the advantages to getting a MAC? are there any? Thanks</p>

<p>^What kind of question is that? A regular PC laptop is good enough for college unless your going to art school or something where they require you to get a certain laptop. There isn't any need to spend a ton of money on a laptop unless you want to play games on it, which is (hopefully) not the main reason why your getting a new one. Don't get a mac unless you really like it because its very overpriced. </p>

<p>its an entertainment to see the apple fanboys trying to make an argument about mac usage in the business world. I'm sorry home =/= office building. PC's hold like 90% of the market share in computers and the vast majority of businesses use it.</p>

<p>A PC laptop with a decent sized hard drive should definitely last through four years of college as long as you don't screw it up by doing things on the internet that will get you viruses. Macs are shiny and overpriced.</p>

<p>If you take care of a computer it should last you more than a few years. People have problems because they do things that slow their computer down: viruses, spyware, malware, etc.</p>

<p>If you know what you're doing and you take care of it then you will be fine. Computer not fast enough for you? Cut back on some of the display settings like the menus and all the other junk that Vista/7 has running. Do you realize how memory intensive it is for your screen to look good?</p>

<p>A mac is easily double the price of a PC with the same hardware. Why would you ever pay that? And why are Macs so good for art and design people? They don't come with Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.</p>

<p>Macs will never replace PC as the primary computer for companies because Apple doesn't want to expand on its software base. People don't care how cool a computer is or what it looks like if it can't run the software that people need.</p>

<p>"And why are Macs so good for art and design people? "</p>

<p>Because those people say Macs are better. I figure I'd trust the people who are experts in their fields to say what is a better tool.</p>