Computing Expo Email

<p>Recently I got this mail from Georgia Tech abt a Computing Expo being held on 7th April ... although I still havent heard abt my decision yet ... </p>

<p>These are the first few lines of the email : </p>

<p>"On behalf of the College of Computing at Georgia Tech, we would like to invite you to our Accepted Student Reception and attend our Computing Expo!"</p>

<p>1.) DId anyone else get this mail or is it just cuz i applied as an ECE major ?
2.) Does this mean I am accepted ? </p>

<p>Illuminate me plzz .....</p>

<p>I got this email as well and applied/accepted as Biomedical Engineering. You probably have been accepted to GaTech but don't know about it, or maybe your acceptance letter got lost in the mail or something. Give them a call to make sure b/c I'm certain only accepted students get this email, if well, it says "accepted students reception."</p>

<p>I got this e-mail too, I was accepted in February for CS. If you read the blogs, what the admissions director said about the e-mails (paraphrased) "they are rarely incorrect." I took that to mean that they send it only to admitted students. One of my friends is in the same situation as you, he hasn't received any letter from Tech yet, even though we live in the suburbs of Atlanta.</p>