Concerned about "A-G" requirements for UCs

<p>I was researching the UCs and noticed that cali residents need to meet the "a-g" requirements as listed on the following site:</p>

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<p>I'm from MA and can meet all of those except one: the visual and performing arts. All the VPA classes at my high school are only a semester long. The year long courses require you to take other semester courses before hand. The only courses I can take are semester courses next year.
I'm not even sure if out of staters need to meet the "a-g" requirements since it seems to be a cali requirement (apparently MA schools don't require arts to graduate) </p>

<p>Is there anything I can do? Do the "a-g" requirements matter to me?</p>

<p>i should mention that I already have much experience in the arts -- I have art awards, do web design, and volunteer at a local art museum</p>

<p>Can you take two one-semester visual/performing arts classes? That would satisfy the requirement. (Do you already have one?)</p>

<p>As far as I know, everyone must meet the a-g requirements, regardless of where they are from.</p>

<p>In addition to what Chedva already said, you might look into seeing if you could get credit by taking a community college course. That might also give you more opportunity to pursue a class in a specific artistic interest, as you already have quite a bit of experience in art and design.</p>

<p>I went to a Massachusetts school, and we had to have 2 semesters of "fine arts:" Chorus, Band, Acting, Painting, etc. That requirement isn't exclusive to California. If your school doesn't have one yearlong course, it probably has two-tiered courses in the same subject: i.e. my school had Acting I and Acting II, and it had Basics of Visual Art and Intermediate Visual Art. Just take both of those. Not like the UC system can force schools to offer yearlong courses, and it can't penalize students for going to schools that don't offer them.</p>

<p>Even some Caliifornia kids get burned by that requirement. I think I read somwhere it's one of the things that might change with the class of '12. Mot a done deal.</p>

<p>"In many cases, the higher-performing students were deemed ineligible because they missed one or two required courses or they failed to take the two specialized SAT "subject" tests UC requires along with the general reasoning test that covers writing, reading and math. "</p>

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<p>Thanks for the input. I don't really have room in my schedule for extra classes. I'll contact the local community college to see if they have any options for me.</p>

<p>Regarding using Community college, do check with someone at
UCal that you can use the course. A number of Com College courses
are not recognized for VPA credit.</p>

<p>but on the uc website, it says that having to fulfill the a-g requirements is only a constituent of 2 paths to uc eligibility. the third way is to have at least 410 uc test points (or an average of a 690 on the three parts of the sat and on two subject tests). as an oos, OP might want to consider relying on that if he cant fulfill his art requirement.</p>

<p>and i say that since im a ca resident, and i gone to my local cal state to take a class for the art requirement which has worked for some of my elders, but im assuming i could rely on admission by testing. or am i wrong?</p>