Concerned about my CFA Scores

Hi everyone, so I’m a current senior applying to the USNA. I started my application very very late, but Annapolis has made its way to the top of my college list. I’ve been doing my best to work out a lot in the past few 2 months, but I just took my CFA on Friday and I think my scores are low. If I fail, I’m absolutely going to retake it, but I’m just wondering if anyone could provide me with any insight on whether or not I definitely failed. Here are my scores:

Basketball throw: 30 ft
FAH: 15 sec
Shuttle run: 11.5
Sit-ups: 61
Pushups: 21
Mile: 7:54

I’m also quite small at 5’2" and 120 pounds. I’ve heard this is something they take into consideration when scoring the CFA. Academically I’m a great student and actually just received a principal nom, which is super exciting. I also have partial recruitment status for my sport, but I don’t know if that’s a factor in regards to the CFA.

I don’t want it to seem like I’m trying to find rationale to explain my poor scores. I have been working hard and I’m continuing to work hard physically so that I can be prepared for I-Day, if I make it. I just decided very late in my college process to apply, which was a mistake in retrospect and I’m doing my best to make myself competitive. This is the only part of the application I’m struggling with, so any help/guidance would be so appreciated. :slight_smile:

@elliep: Talk to your BGO. No one here can tell you definitely if you passed or failed. Check out the advice given on this thread to a candidate who is eerily similar :wink:

Again, your BGO is your best resource. Take advantage of this person.

thats weird. their CFA scores are identical

Not weird. Many applicants post on multiple forums.