Concerned about my ECs. Anyone know where I can find reputable health-related ECs for HS students?

For reference, I am currently a rising sophomore. In freshman year, I really only did 2 main extracurriculars: with Nursing Cap, Inc (where I was a tutor) & FBLA (where I was Secretary & earned a 2nd place regional award). I also did weekly piano/guitar lessons with a private tutor. I also did not do any sports or earn any sports-related honors/awards (however I am not very interested in doing sports, in general). In terms of academics, I had a mostly Pre-IB courseload (most of them Honors-weighted). Before high school, I had some extracurriculars & awards as well, but I don’t believe these would count towards a college application.

For more information regarding my ec’s, the tutoring I did was for an organization called Nursing CAP, Inc, where I tutored for students in Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, and Geometry. I also received second place regionally in Healthcare Administration for a FBLA competition. Not sure if I could list this or not, but I also received first place for an elementary-level art competition regionally, as designated by the Virginia School Boards Association. Around 2014-2015, I was an alternate in the You Be The Chemist Competition. Also, around this time, I was nominated to attend the Junior National Young Leaders Conference (JrNYLC) in Washington, DC. Other community service activities I have participated in include: Helped organize a teacher’s room (summer of 2017), helped support at a school supply fair at an elementary school (summer of 2019), helped with creating a poster for a school dance (2019), and band (2019).

I was wondering about starting up my own virtual club at school, related to biology or pre-med. We could hold (perhaps weekly) Zoom meetings, I would figure out the rest of the details. I don’t think it would be an expensive or intrusive thing to ask for or do. Do you think I could also ask my school about joining HOSA (if nothing else, this would be my number one priority to join, as it is directly health-related), NHS, Debate Club, and Scholastic Bowl through a virtual setting? Does this seem like too much? I just was interested in those clubs. Also, I was trying to do virtual volunteering/internships/extracurriculars related to medicine/healthcare. On top of these activities (in my sophomore year), I would be doing 5 AP courses (AP Physics 1, AP Art History, AP Calculus BC, AP Psychology, and Pre-IB AP US Government) and 3 Pre-IB courses (Pre-IB English 10, Pre-IB Chemistry, and Pre-IB French III). With all of this in mind, do you think it is too much? Perhaps I could think about quitting piano/guitar to make more room for extracurriculars directly related to the health/medical field.

I’m just really worried about my extracurriculars. I feel that they are extremely weak. In freshman year, I really only did two main extracurriculars, and they really weren’t all that time-consuming, arduous, or impressive. I am very worried about pre-med/biology admissions, as I know they are extremely competitive and will only become more and more competitive as application cycles advance. Also, I believe that extracurriculars play around a 25% importance in college admissions, in addition to SAT/SAT II/ACT/IB/AP scores, letters of recommendation, GPA, class rank, HS transcripts, essays, supplements, ethnicity/affirmative action, legacy status, etc. I have not yet won any national-level awards, started my own non-profit, published a well-regarded scientific article, got into a highly selective academic or summer program, etc. These are the types of extracurriculars top colleges are looking for, and I am afraid that I won’t meet the cut.

Please share your insight.

Question: Is it worth it to ask my school about starting up a club/re-establishing clubs virtually?
I was thinking about ways to build up my ECs during this weird COVID phase. One thing I wanted to do was start up a biology or pre-med club virtually, where we could hold weekly Zoom sessions. I’m not entirely sure what we would do throughout the sessions, however these are some ideas: do MCAT/USMLE prep sessions, volunteer throughout the community, each person can rotate & make health-related presentations to present on a weekly basis, start up a biology or pre-med newspaper/magazine for the school website to submit electronically, etc. Another club I would be Doctors Without Borders. According to Collegevine, “This international organization provides medical professionals with the opportunity to volunteer in high-need communities around the world. High school Doctors Without Borders clubs typically raise awareness and funds to support Doctors Without Borders’ mission. By getting involved with this organization and taking on a leadership role, you can show your empathy and dedication to helping others.” Other clubs I would want to re-establish that have already been available in the past at my school include HOSA, Debate Club, NHS, and Scholastic Bowl.