Concerned for safety

So I was hoping to apply to saint olaf
But I read a few reports online about sexual assaults on campus , racism and rapes in dorm rooms.
I was wondering as a brown girl applying there , would I be safe ?

There are sexual assaults on every campus. Racism on every campus.

Hi there! I currently attend St. Olaf, and as a brown girl myself, you really have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, racism and sexual assault is prevalent on pretty much every college campus. However, this problem isn’t as bad here at Olaf as it is in other places. We also have so many resources to prevent such things from happening, and more resources to help with victims of these issues. I haven’t had any problems so far. One thing you will notice is that a majority of students here are white, but they are mostly liberal-minded. Racism is less of a problem here from what I’ve heard in comparing with my friends’ schools.

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