Concerned h.s sophomore in need of advice!

<p>I'm only a sophomore but I haven't been doing too hot with school so far and I'm ready to make a turn-around so I can make it into the college of my choice. Last year, I made a 3.4/3.7 GPA, and this year I'm making around 3.6/3.9, possibly a little lower depending on my chem. grade. I'm going to work hard to make straight A's for the next two years...and I'm just wondering if I completely shot my chances of getting into any of the CUNY or SUNY schools? My test scores should be all right (I'm not the greatest test taker) but my extracurricular activities should be fantastic, depending on whether or not I get up the money to do them. I mean my GPA could be much higher if it weren't for math and science. I'm more of a humanities girl, and achieve very high grades in that particular area, but alas, math and science are bringing me down (one B and one C and math and B's in science)</p>

<p>As for course-rigor/EC's, I have the most rigorous courseload available to me (with the exception of mathematics) with 6 Honors courses under my belt thus far. Next year I'll have 2 AP's and two (possibly three) Honors courses, and for my senior year I'll have 4 AP's and two honors courses. As of right now, I'm the President of the Astronomy Club, I play the fingerstyle guitar almost at a professional level, and I've excelled in playing the Piano (Classical.) Within the next two years I plan on entering writing contests and participating in National Geographic Student Expeditions (that is, if I get up the money.) </p>

<p>Turns out, if I make straight A's from now on (11th and 12th grade), I'll end up with around a 3.75/4.3 GPA. However, if I don't, and end up making B's in my math and science courses, I'll just end up with something like a 3.6/4.1 GPA (maybe even lower.) So even if I do end up with the latter, will I still have a decent chance of getting into one of the CUNY/SUNY schools? </p>

<p>Thanks for taking the time to read this and answer me, I do appreciate it!</p>


<p>no you definitely didnt ruin your chances, i know people who have gotten into SUNY schools with lower averages</p>

<p>Haha, don't worry. A 3.6 is above average (average I would estimate is a 3.3) so unless you totally bomb your next two years SUNY is still a viable option.</p>