Conditional Appointment


<p>What are the requirements for a Conditional Appointment? I have everything in already, but I can not contact my ALO for an interview. I've called the Admissions Counselor and they are basically giving me the run around and telling me that he is on leave and should be back "soon", it's been over two weeks. I really don't want his leave to interfere with my chances of an early notification of admission, so I was wondering if I can get a Conditional Appointment (the condition being a good interview with my ALO) when they start meeting in November? </p>



<p>Boda Sivrak</p>

<p>I don't really know about what criteria are used for conditional appointments. If I were you, as difficult as it sounds, I wouldn't sweat this right now. It's not even November yet, dude. If you're going to get an appointment, the message will ALSO come directly to you, though they try to have the ALO contact you first. The written notification of an appt or conditional appt will go directly to you. Chill. Relax. Enjoy high school. Do a few pushups.</p>

<p>I did enjoy high school, I graduated over a year ago, lol. So the reason I seem so worked up is that I would like to know BEFORE next semester so I know whether to register for classes (i'm at the University of Texas at Austin right now). The early notification could save me over 6000 bucks in tuition and books. That's why the ALO thing is kind of upsetting me, it's pretty important that I get everything in early. But you're right, I'll try to relax about it. Thanks Doc!! :)</p>

<p>Can't you register without paying yet--that would defer the need to know until when the semester starts, right? If you're a very strong candidate and already have a nomination, with all of your stuff in, then there's a good chance you'll hear before Christmas. If you're waiting on a congressional nomination, then you probably won't know for sure until some time after that. USAFA isn't (or hasn't) been as free about sending "conditional appts" as the other academies, unfortunately.</p>

<p>True, I can register without paying yet. But I'll have to pay January 16th I believe. But like you said, if I have everything in and I'm a strong candidate, knowing by December is great. I do have the presidential nomination already, and I've taken my medical, so everything but my ALO interview is done.</p>