Conditional Transfer Admission?

<p>"Conditional Transfer Admission to Emory is an invite-only program for students who remain interested in Emory at the conclusion of first year waitlist activity and meet minimum qualifications set forth by the Admission Committee. After successful completion of a full academic year at another accredited university or college beyond the Emory University system, students selected and approved for Conditional Transfer Admission will join Emory's sophomore class. The terms and conditions of this acceptance will be detailed when an offer of conditional acceptance is made. If you have an interest in this possibility, it will be important to remain active on the Emory waitlist until mid-June. "</p>

<p>I have a question about this, in case I find out on Wednesday that I'm waitlisted and offered this chance. What does it mean to "remain active" on the waitlist until mid-June? Obviously I will have enrolled someone else by then, and I have no idea how waitlisting works.</p>

<p>I'm currently a conditional transfer. I'm planning on going to Emory next year. When you get waitlisted they ask you how long you would be willing to stay on the waitlist in case spots open up. If Emory is your top choice, stay through June.</p>

<p>Only Admissions knows for sure, but I take it as sending one or more expressions of continuing interest in Emory.</p>

<p>If I was waitlisted for Emory originally (I don't remember when I stayed on the waitlist until) but was not offered this will my chances be helped or hurt for reapplying to transfer in fall as a jr?</p>