Conditions of Admission page? UCSC

<p>The on-line conditions of admission page says you must click on the "I Agree" button at the bottom of the page. But there is no button on the page to click.
Do other people have this missing as well?</p>

<p>ya i dont have that button =[</p>

<p>where are you checking for admissions decisions, the website? My son never got a user id or password from UCSC, so we can't access that page.</p>

<p>The button is on the "view Admissions Status" page, after you click "Now that you're admitted, what next?" at the very bottom.</p>

<p>avwh, the login is the number that starts with a W in the letter that UCSC sent ur child in their email under their name. if u dont remember the password just click on forgot password. hope i helped!!</p>

<p>thanks, Ricky, but he never got a letter or email (that we can find :( ), so we have nothing to work with</p>

<p>im so sorry i could not help :( . a lot of potential UCSC students received an email saying that admissions decisions will be out on the 15th, and that email has the login. u could try calling them if u have the application ID from ur general UC application.
im sorry i cant help =[</p>

<p>luckily, his snail mail acceptance arrived today, so the agony of trying to figure out what happened is over.</p>

<p>You will still need to create a log in. Did you check in the spam folder?</p>

<p>i can't find any emails from UCSC regarding a login or ID</p>

<p>i can't even find the website where i can enter an ID and password....</p>

<p>does anyone have the link to it?? its absolutely impossible to find on the ucsc admissions page</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>If you google UCSC use the link that says My UCSC Portal in the upper right hand corner on the results page.</p>