<p>Losing hope, fullfilled with despair, I gave up. Its just difficult. When people say I cheated on a test, and they ''earned'' A's, when people become elected positions, merely because of how popular one is, when people were prepared by their educated parents. </p>

<p>I want to go to a good school.
This is the only place where I can utterly open up of how I really feel.</p>

<p>Should I give it one more shot? Should I try my best? </p>

<p>Please God.</p>


<p>yes definitely!!!!!!</p>

<p>Never, ever give up. Show those b*tches what's up.</p>

Should I give it one more shot? Should I try my best?


Man, we're in this together. I'm with you all the way.</p>


<p>"Never, Never quit"</p>

<p>-Winston Churchill</p>

<p>try your best and have no regrets.</p>

<p>Don't quit. I felt like quitting so many times, but I'm glad I didn't. No matter what my college decisions turn out to be, I know it's what it is, and I won't have any regrets.</p>

<p>The world isn't fair, yo. The only thing you can do is persevere.</p>

<p>Without knowing your exact situation, I feel your pain. My son had his share of ups and downs and though he is one of the lucky ones and knows where he is going to school, we were a part of the frenzy and his being a late bloomer made the catch up game mighty challenging. I am still going through this with my niece and nephew who are both waiting in baited breath for various decisions all the while working their butts off to keep up their school work and maintain their jobs, extra activities,etc...........bottom line ITS NUTS!!
I often wonder if I could have handled things the way they are today if I was in your shoes, kudos to you all for managing and keeping up! The first step towards reconciliation and healing is recognition, which you have already done. You must force yourself to be proactive and march forward and continue to put your best foot forward. Those on CC have helped both me and my son through numerous things, and you certainly have come to the right place for support. Keep the faith, stay strong, pray to God every night that he provide you with the strength to continue in a positive fashion, YOU CAN DO IT. Take advantage of this one golden opportunity to turn your life path into a fulfilling one that will make you happy. Continue to reach out so you can continue to hear these words of encouragement, you most certainly are not alone. There are literally hundreds of thousands just like you, feeling the exact same way. I have faith in you!</p>

<p>Also realize that you're in this mental state all because you want to go to a 'good school.'</p>

<p>You're either going to succeed or you're not going to succeed; neither USF nor Harvard is going to change that.</p>