Confirmation of receipt of app.

<p>Anyone get theirs yet? How long did I take? I want to make sure they got all my stuff. thanks</p>

<p>i didnt get mine. but i did get one from st joes today... an app i mailed the same day as penns....</p>

<p>i got mine the day after i submitted</p>

<p>I mean for a hard copy...</p>

<p>i got my blue postcard today and i note that they got my huntsman application and that it would say on my admittance or rejection letter if i got into huntsman, wharton, or neither.</p>

<p>kingb123 - wat note about huntsman are you talking about?? (i applied ED for huntsman and received the blue postcard today, but i did not get a note or anything)</p>

<p>In addition to that blue post card, I got a letter with the huntsman info. It actually came a day after the post card so don't sweat it.</p>

<p>o ok good....i got my blue postcard saturday, so i guess ill get that monday....thanks man!</p>