Confirming AP Exam Scores

<p>I'm a '14 entering the CoC in the fall, and I have a question regarding AP scores. On myBerkeleyApp it says:</p>


Confirm that all AP exam scores of 3 or higher have been sent to UC Berkeley by July 15th. In early July, we receive results of AP exams that you have taken in May of this year. Results of AP exams taken in PRIOR years may be posted as early as June. We do not post exam scores lower than 3.


<p>This year, I took four AP tests, and the scores will be sent to Berkeley in July. However, I have taken five more AP tests in 2008 and 2009, and those scores were never sent to Berkeley. Do I need to call CollegeBoard and ask for my scores from previous years to be sent to Berkeley, or will my entire AP test transcript with all nine of my scores be sent to Berkeley when my newest scores are released?</p>


<p>You should call Collegeboard to make everything sure. As long as you marked down Berkeley where the scores should be sent, it SHOULD automatically include your junior and sophomore years' AP exams, but Collegeboard loses track of records if you change your address or any other personal information. So check with Collegeboard to see if your prior AP scores are bundled with this year's scores.</p>

<p>also, if your name was not spelled identically both years it causes problem.</p>

<p>For example, if year you wrote your middle initial, but the next year you didn't CollegeBoard gets confused.</p>

<p>college board score reports fer shurrzle includes all past scores if u entered in everything right. So all scores should show up. if not, its ucb's fault.</p>

<p>If for some reason there is a discrepancy then they won't report them all on one page, but otherwise they should. If you want them to get your past ones in earlier so that your advisor can better help you, then you should call up college board and get them sent in. (I really wish this was integrated with the SAT website online, so that I could do it online).</p>