Conflicted on College Choice (Kalamazoo, Depauw, New Jersey Institute of Technology).

Hi everyone.
I am currently a high school student, enrolling in the US as an International student. As of now, I am considering NJ Institute of Technology, Kalamazoo college, Depauw University, Union College.

I have done the research and used the feedback from college review pages like Niche to decide on this final list of good fits. I m looking forward to a Data Science degree. Some of my schools don’t have that major, instead, they would provide classes in Computer Science, Statistics and Mathematics, which I am very interested in as well. I would like to pursue research in college too.

If there is any feedback on the school’s setting, social life, academics, professors, as well as on the CS, Statistics major, I would be glad to hear them.

Thank you everyone :smiley:

NJIt is a super urban, not so nice area of Newark. Not really familiar with the school, but it’s not a college town. I would think nothing like Kalamazoo or Union.

I don’t think there’s really a “nice” section of Newark. NJIT is next RU-N, in University Heights. This is probably the safest section of Newark, as well as the Ironbound/ Portuguese area. Convenient to NYC with PATH trains though.

I agree the environments are extremely different.

THink about which school can the easiest land you top jobs
Think about the location, which college is at the best location especially if you want to find a job there after four years

The money label may be true in most cases but the aid office differs by school to school too. Like a state uni thats less competitive in terms of rank likely has a less financial aid package for you. School with higher ranking may has a higher financial aid for you and cancels more and left less in its amount.
Think about each’s national level ranking which affects tons (on USNWR).
Now left you to decide and look on the national rankings .

Kalamazoo is a few blocks from downtown Kalamazoo which has a lot of restaurants, coffee places, local shops… The campus is quite nice. I’m heading there in the Fall so I’m biased but academically it’s pretty nice since it has an open curriculum, many course offerings and the K plan really helps with internships, study abroad and internships
There’s WMU right in front of campus so social life is diverse. It’s super internationally minded! It’s a nice place, with a trimester system (w/ 3 classes each term for 3 terms) so it’s intense but I really fell in love with all it has to offer!

Not a fan of DePauw. Lots of problems at that school and enrollment is down for good reason.

In the past few months you’ve stated DePauw has issues and you aren’t a fan. Yet in prior posts you said you son attended and loved it. What changed?

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