Conflicted Transfer (DMV area)

I’m currently a freshman at Mary Washington, a little liberal arts school in Virginia. I’m not really happy here. The school is a bit of acquired taste and the social aspect is rough. Sure, I have people to talk to in class and eat dinner with, but I haven’t really clicked with anyone here. It doesn’t help that the people I am friends with are boring and never want to do anything. Not that I expect to meet my best friends freshman year, but it just makes everything harder. I’m also not involved in anything extracurricular here, I’ve looked into various clubs but none really appeal to me. Freshmen also can’t have cars on campus here, so it’s difficult to get around and do things around here besides walking to the historic district or the grocery store. When I first applied to colleges I was intimidated by large schools so I applied to mainly smaller schools, but now this feels TOO small- like everyone knows everyone. I was also so eager to leave home and now I regret that terribly. I’m homesick and out-of-state tuition is too expensive even with scholarships.

I’m currently enrolled as an Environmental Science major, but I plan on changing that to Biology. The school I attend now isn’t necessarily known for their biology department, so it doesn’t really make sense to stay here and pay outrageous tuition. Tuition is probably the biggest reason I’m looking to transfer. I do not want to be in any more debt than necessary, especially as I hope to go to grad school. Otherwise I would probably try to tough it out and stay here.

I’m looking to transfer back home to Maryland. So far I’m looking at UMD, Stevenson, and Towson.

I just don’t know how I’m going to fare at these schools if I transfer. They’re all much larger than Mary Wash and that’s honestly pretty intimidating. Obviously many friend groups will have already been solidified, so I imagine it will be very difficult to make friends. I know a handful of people that go to each school, which is comforting, but I’m not counting on joining their groups. At least UMD and Towson have some clubs and extracurricular that I would actually want to join.

I’m just looking for advice or suggestions on what to do because I’m very conflicted. Also, all things considered, would be it best to transfer as a sophomore or a junior? Thanks!

Happykid transferred to Towson after finishing her AA at Montgomery College in Rockville. She didn’t find Towson big at all. Towson had separate Transfer Orientations for different departments, so she met people who would be in classes with her right away. One of them ended up being her housemate a year later, and they are still BFFs three years after graduating.

Since part of your reason for transferring is to save money, then you shoukd apply now. If it doesn’t work out this year, you could also comsider transferring home to your local CC, and completing the transfer plan for the university you want to go to later.

I wouldn’t worry about making friends. There will always be more transfer students, and most people are open to meeting new friends through their classes, clubs, etc. Good luck!

@happymomof1 That’s great that Towson has a separate orientations for different departments, I didn’t know that. Thanks!!