Conflicting information and questions

<p>Although the College Board website is meant to help with stuff like this, I've found it does nothing but hurt. So I've got a couple questions.
First of all, I know that Universities like UVA and William & Mary require or suggest a certain number of SAT subject exams; the Universities' websites say things like "Math I or II, Writing, and one of your choice", but the writing subject exam was added to the reasoning test. So does this mean that they are now requiring Math I or II, and one of my choice, or do I need an additional one to make up for the writing?
Secondly, early admission. For the same two colleges, the college board is giving early decision application deadlines, but I have been told that both have gotten rid of this process, is this true?</p>

<p>Oh, and lastly, not really related to the college board issue, if I've taken the Math II exam, and did relatively poorly (670), should I study and attempt the same exam again, or should I hedge my bets and take the Math I exam?</p>

<p>Tip: Don't trust College Board CollegeSearch with the important details. Always use the college website when there's a conflict. Look up the early decision stuff on the college websites. </p>

<p>Also, double-check to make sure that the college mentions on the website SAT II writing test, because it no longer exists. Show me the website that has that. Are you sure it didn't say Literature, because SAT II Lit exists.</p>

<p>To the last question, don't take Math I when you know quite a bit of Math II. I think a 670 is okay. Not great, but I guess you might as well try to make it up. It only costs $8 extra. Might be worth it if you get a significantly higher score.</p>

<p>From UVA's website:

Results from two SAT Subject Tests (strongly recommended; any two subjects of your choice)


U.Va</a>. Office of Admission > Admission Information
UVA has no EA or ED option.</p>

<p>From William & Mary's website:

SAT II Subject Tests - William & Mary does not require SAT II exams for admission to the College. They are completely optional and are not a primary factor in making an admission decision.


Standardized</a> Testing | Admission
William & Mary has a binding ED option.</p>

<p>It took me less time to find this information that it took you to type your question.</p>