Confused about Civil Prep

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Although I have been qualified medically and have passed the CFA/PAE, the Field Force in my state (Washington) are saying that I may not get a nomination for the class of 2010. I am in a gap where I am academically qualified for USMA, however restricts me from being admitted to USMAPS. Because of this, they have advised me to pursue Civil Prep or enlist (by enlisting, "it is a sure fire way" to receive an appointment to USMA, however they suggested Civil Prep over enlisting). Therefore, I am pursuing Civil Prep. Although, at this point, I am unsure if I will recieve a scholarship to attend Civil Prep (although there are some West Point Alumni who are pushing/trying to get one for me), I am curious which schools are Civil Preps and which one will be the surest way, as well as the easiest, for me to get an appointment to USMA-- and are they guaranteed? How rigorous are the academics at these schools? I am also confused how they operate--are they just a one-year prep school for students, like myself, who are motivated for USMA and desire to enter USMA the following year? And which congressional representative would I ask for a nomination, because if everybody is living near/in a civil prep, wouldn't that mean all the students are going to be applying within the same district to the same MOC?! And lastly, which Civil Prep has the happiest and motivated students who desire to enter USMA? I know I am asking alot, but any information would be helpful. Thanks!</p>

<p>swimboy: can't answer all of your questions, but hopefully some of this will help. First, keep in mind that nothing is a guarentee- incuding prep school, USMAPS or civilian- you will need to work hard, get good grades, and pass whatever "stuff" you need in order to reapply- and it is a reapplication process (although the USMAPS will usually present your file to the admissions board sometime in the spring of the next year, complete with additional information/grades from your prep school). </p>

<p>As for the MOC nominations, you will need another one, however you continue to apply at your official place of residence (home state/county) as opposed to where the prep/civilian prep school is located. From our experience applying for a second time around was viewed favorably, as the nomination boards see that you are a determined and motivated candidate. </p>

<p>I know at the USNA there are prep schools that have an affliation with the USNA (under the foundation program) and there are kids there heading for USMA as well- perhaps contacting the UMSA admissions office can shesd more light on this and give you sound advice. Best of luck!</p>

<p>hey, seeing as how I'm currently in the civil prep program, maybe I can help.</p>

<p>I'm a sponsored West Point prep at NMMI (new mexico military institute). Sponsored meaning that the USMA Association of Graduates gave me a scholarship that helped me pay off the tuition fees for attending this program at NMMI. </p>

<p>Ok, its good that youre motivated to pursue civil prep. However, I never directly applied for that program. As is my understanding, the academy submits something like 400-500 names of qualified (physical, academic, nominated) candidates who just barely miss the cut for a straight appointment, and some board of some type chooses who will receive a scholarship. Now, the money isn't whats most important about these scholarships, its the admittance into a special program. Essentially, every civil prep student has an appointment waiting for them, and if they hold up their end of the bargain (re-application, re-nomination, good grades) they will be given their appointment. </p>

<p>but moving on as I ramble. There are 3 schools to choose from if you are offered a spot. Marion Military Institute in Alabama, Wentworth military institute (or something like that) in ....west virginia? And New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, NM, where I chose to go. It doesn't matter which one you go to, as we are all in the same program, but I've been told NMMI has the best environment for preps. </p>

<p>The academics at school are not too hard, as long as you are motivated and stay on top of your studies. The classes are a step up from high school, at least for me, in terms of the demands for homework and exams. I was successful in my first semester because I studied and did my work. Other preps weren't as motivated, and paid the price with extremely bad grades, which could mean not getting their appointment. I'm not sure, but I've been told by current and former preps that getting good grades in some classes (english, history, chemistry, etc.) can allow you to validate them for the Academy. I know some people who have done this, but I'm not completely certain as to how it works, so don't quote me. </p>

<p>You don't apply for a nomination to the civil prep program, like I said, its all decided by the admissions people at the academy. You must be nominated, and qualified, and they will recommend you for the prep program. </p>

<p>Its a pretty small program, there are only 20 West Point preps in the entire country; 12 of us are at NMMI. I'd like to say that we are a close group, and none of us have had any academic problems. We are a motivated group, yes. This program has so far been good for me. I'm in better physical shape, I did much better on my CFA this year than last. And its good to be in a military school, to see how things run and if you can operate within one. </p>

<p>Anyway, hopefully that can help you with what youre confused about. If not, ask away!</p>

<p>Demosthenes , congrats on getting your AOG scholarship.</p>

<p>My son is scheduled to go to NMMI next year as a Naval Academy prep. Would you tell what you like and don't like about the place? I've been reading one of their parent forums and it seems like there's some discontent about the administration. Probably just garbage, but it's making me a little uneasy. Do you feel that you are being well prepared? Are you enjoying it?</p>

<p>ahaha, parental discontent over NMMI leadership.</p>

<p>I can only assume this stems from the cadets....</p>

<p>Ehh, the leadership here isn't exactly loved by the cadets. The commandant frequently makes unpopular decisions, and doesnt have the best relationship with us. One day in the mess hall, he got up on the microphone and started rambling about behavioral problems in the Corps, and then said, 'you want to see what I can do? challenge me.' Which was not so well received, as you can imagine. </p>

<p>Buuut, if you can look beyond petty dealings within the corps of cadets, I'd say that NMMI is a good place to prep. I am learning a lot of good things here: chemistry, calculus, study skills, work ethic... shoe shining, uniforms, military courtesies etc, and NMMI preps almost without exception do very well at their academies. Along with that, we are doing some form of PT 5 days a week, and across the board our CFA scores were much higher than most candidates (much higher than the ones I've seen on this forum), so the physical training has helped. </p>

<p>The downside: first semester. Your son will have to experience the RAT system the entire first semester. It is essentially being a plebe: always eating at attention, walking on the far right side of every sidewalk, squaring every corner, not walking on old cadet bricks, not talking while outside....and a litany of other distractions and annoyances. If you let it get to you, it can make life suck. But, second semester he will be an old cadet, and it will be more like going to a regular college. </p>

<p>Your midshipman will be better off for coming to NMMI.</p>

<p>If u get an AOG scholarship, are civil prep schools tuition free then?</p>

<p>unfortunately no. My scholarship was somewhere around $1500 from AOG, another $1000 from NMMI, and about $900 from the US Army after enrolling in military science (mandatory class for preps). That still left me with $10,000-$11,000 to pay. bummer, but the academy is worth it.</p>

<p>Demosthenes: Your CC name -- are you into Greek philosophy or the Ender series by Orson Scott Card? :)</p>

<p>lol I was thinking Ender's Game as well. Wouldn't that series make great movies?!</p>

<p>ender's game.</p>

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