Confused about EFC

<p>Received our EFC for my daughter. It is 1163. How much should we expect to receive in grant money? She is attending a community college.</p>

<p>Find out the schools COA (Cost Of Attendance). Financial need is COA less EFC. Financial aid is based on that need.</p>

<p>For federal aid the main grant is the Pell grant. The maximum Pell for 2008-2009 is 4731. With an EFC of 1163 she would qualify for @ $3581 pell (assuming the COA is over 4241 and she is full time) This is according to the Pell distribution chart
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<p>Check your state for any state grants. They are sometimes based on EFC.</p>

<p>Other federal grants are the ACG - $750 for freshman - it is based on Pell eligibility and some academic requirements
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<p>Another is the seog but that seems to be more for students with zero EFC</p>