confused about ethnicity

<p>I'm 100 percent Puerto Rican..How am I supposed to identify with another group? Sorry if I fall into some other category and I'm they mean identify in like a figurative sense? lol</p>

<p>being puerto rican just means your ethnicity is hispanic, but it is not a race. i dont know u personally lol chances are your race is white (many puerto ricans are), assuming that somewhere along the line, your family came from spain. you may also be mestizo and therefore part native american if any of your ancestors intermarried with the indigenous peoples! </p>

<p>it's not asking you to identify with something you're not, because race and ethnicity are two separate things. i know it's confusing haha... the best you can do is ask your parents if your family is from white, black, or indigenous puerto rican descent.</p>