Confused about majors?

I’d like to study theoretical physics or something of the sort that would prepare me for a graduate degree studying quantum physics. I do NOT want to be an engineer. I’m confused about which major I would choose or if I would need to apply to the engineering school to study theoretical physics. If someone could break down the physics/mathematics majors they offer or point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

You would apply to the Faculty of Arts and Science under the math and physical sciences admission category. At the end of your first year, you would apply to a major. Here’s the list of majors under that admission category - By following the link to the calendar on that page, you can see what courses are included in each major.

This really cleared it up thanks so much!

My previous post should have read: “At the end of your first year, you apply to a specialist or 2 majors.” U of T requires a specialist or 2 majors or a couple of other combinations for a degree. To simplify things, since you’re interested in a PhD in physics, just look at the physics specialist requirements. If you want to broaden your studies, you could do a major in physics and a major in something else.

Good luck!