Confused about Questbridge...

<p>I'm incredibly confused about Questbridge. Just got my letter telling me to apply and I've done some research on google and on college confidential too. However, I am still lost...
What are the advantages to the program for me personally?
I am applying to Wisconsin, Iowa, UTexas, Washington U, Oberlin, and Emory. Of those six, only Emory and Oberlin are partner schools with QB. However, neither of the two are necessarily my number one pick. At this point I'd actually say Wisconsin is my number one...So I wouldn't want to be using the early decision app with QB anyways... I already completed the common app for WashU, Oberlin, and Emory...and now I'd have to start the Questbridge app. I'm willing to complete the extra app - I'm just confused about how it all works...For instance, if I don't become a finalist...</p>

<p>And just overall, do you think that for me specifically applying to Oberlin and Emory through QB will be really helpful? Or do you think applying thru the Common App gives me equally as good a chance?</p>

<p>somebody help?</p>

<p>There is a whole sub-forum on Questbridge inside the Financial Aid Forum. Someone there should be able to help you figure this out: Questbridge</a> Programs - College Confidential</p>

<p>thanks so much! I tried to search it under admissions...that's probably where I went wrong :)</p>

<p>ok, still confused.</p>

<p>OP, can you pass up a potential full scholarship? Wisconsin is your #1 choice but are you OOS? Have you looked at what scholarship $ they have for OOS students?</p>

<p>I am out of state... :/</p>

<p>So I hear scholarships are pretty hard to get for OOS, but do they give considerable financial aid?</p>

<p>You'll only get federal FA being OOS. That's $5.5K for a Pell Grant if your EFC is near 0 and $5.5K for a Stafford Loan. That's pretty much it.</p>

<p>oh no....what website did you find this on? would you mind posting it?</p>

<p>Grants</a> | Office of Student Financial Aid - University of Wisconsin–Madison
Direct</a> Loans | Office of Student Financial Aid - University of Wisconsin–Madison</p>

<p>thanks, erin's dad!</p>

<p>Chester, Questbridge provides an alternative application that allows you more room to highlight how your family's financial hardship might have affected your life. It caters to low income, high achieving students who have all the credentials to attend top private schools, but might not have previously thought to apply due to these schools' perceived high costs of attendance. Have you seen the QB</a> website? If not, it has lots of important information regarding what the program is about, deadlines, etc that you need to read through.</p>

What are the advantages to the program for me personally?


<p>An alternative application with more essays to explain your background and what you can contribute to the college, a support network, and a full scholarship from the college itself should you be "matched". </p>

<p>The first question is, do you actually qualify? There is a family income limit to qualifying for QB. Secondly, do you think you'll actually benefit from additional essays on how your family's financial difficulties affected your outlook on life?</p>

<p>I definitely qualify - my family's income is below 25,000 a year...
My problem is that I don't really think I would benefit from the extra essays as they seem to focus on socioeconomic challenges...and I don't really feel that I've faced all that many even though my family is low-income.</p>

<p>Then there's your answer to whether you should apply through QB :). Still, make sure to keep a few top privates on your list: they have better financial aid, so they may end up being even more affordable than the state public. Good luck with everything!</p>

<p>Thanks xrCalico23! In total I've decided to apply to UIowa, UWisconsin, UT-austin, WUSTL, Emory, and Oberlin. Think it's a pretty good variety :)</p>