Confused about Rice Intl App

<p>Please could anyone give me some advice on what application to use as an international applicant?
Rice states that all intl students abroad must complete the international application Parts I and II. But can internationals apply online, as well? I opened an online account and began the application, but noticed that, except for the address, all other fields made no provisions for "country", for instance, school attended, parents' place of birth, etc....
I was wondering if it would be safer to just complete the paper INtl application, but i would really prefer to do it online. Also does Rice strongly encourage online applications? I didn't see that anywhere on the website.
Or would it be alright to use the CommonApp, (not keen)?</p>

<p>Thanks, any advice would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>Unless you get a definitive answer here from a fellow int'l applicant, it seems the thing to do would be to call the admissions office and ask them.</p>

<p>thanks BigTex. i'll do just that.</p>

<p>Jrock, did u get an answer for this?
can intls send common app or do we have to send the international form by e-mail?</p>

<p>i ended up not calling. sorry, i'm no longer applying to Rice. but i guess all intls [except those living in us] must complete the international application. that's what was stated on the if you're living outside the States, i think you ought to use the intl app [paper]</p>