Confused about scholarship

We received an e-mail on 1/20/15 from UAB that my S had gotten a scholarship for 15k/year based on GPA and scores. It is the Blazer Elite scholarship: I understand that the University of Alabama at Birmingham is offering me the Blazer Elite Scholarship, which will provide $15,000.00 for the 2015-2016 academic year (divided equally between the fall and spring terms). I also understand that I may receive this scholarship for a maximum of 4 year(s).

He is a NMSF which I think was indicated in his application and he applied in Engineering so I thought he would get the full tuition scholarship with $2500. Is this the final answer or do they decide later to upgrade the scholarship to NMFs? Thanks.

@1203southview - It looks like you have to be a National Merit Finalist to get the full tuition scholarship.

Thanks, waitingincpa … He did make NM Finalist, we just found out 2 days ago.