Confused about the UPenn Supplement Prompt

<p>I know that there are dozens of these threads, but I think that mine is different, so bear with me.</p>

<p>Here is the prompt for the Penn Supplement:</p>

<p>Required for all applicants: Considering both the specific undergraduate school to which you are applying and the unique aspects of the University of Pennsylvania, what do you hope to learn from and contribute to the Penn community? (Please answer in one page, approximately 500 words.)</p>

<p>I would like to use parts of my previous essays to write this one, but I'm not sure how I would answer the prompt. As far as "contributions" to the Penn community, I was thinking of writing about research I want to pursue at the University, and service learning projects (communitech). Would it be alright to write about these? Also, I don't know what to say about what I will "learn" from Upenn. Any suggestions?</p>

<p>I've written two 'Why This School' essays already, and they both have the same structure:</p>

<li>Why I chose my major</li>
<li>What my career plans are</li>
<li>What aspects of the school interest me (usually these aspects are related to my major)</li>

<p>Would it be alright if I reused points 1 and 2 (why this major, career plans) as the beginning on the Penn essay? I don't have much time, so I would appreciate quick feedback.</p>

<p>No offense, but if you are reusing from another "Why this University" essay, your Why Penn essay probably won't be good. Not to be mean, but they want admits who LOVE the school and fit extremely well. Copying and pasting from other "Why this University" essays means that you aren't illustrating this perfect fit to Penn.</p>

<p>^ This. I worked really hard on all my "Why X" essays and made them completely unique. I tried reusing one once, and it was HORRIBLE. From reading my peers' essays, I can tell you, you will be at a severe disadvantage if you do this. The essay literally sounds like its been copied, unoriginal, and completely void of any passion. </p>

<p>Plus, Penn's topic is different from most other schools. First and foremost, it focuses on community. Fitting your major and career path in there seems a bit forced. You can do it, of course, but it really is about community. I don't see how doing research adds to this. Maybe you could spin it, but I don't see the twist. </p>

<p>What you will learn is simple. Why did you think you should apply to Penn? What about the community and the school makes you a fit? Asking people for advice will usually lead to a derivative essay. Research yourself and find something that you're actually passionate about. Forced writing is easily noticeable, as is passionate writing. I'm pretty confident they prefer the latter.</p>

<p>Now, of course, the above is only if you really want to go to Penn. If not, just chop up and create a Frankenstein essay. Talk about diversity, research, location, and all the other "brochure" qualities that you used in your other essays.</p>

<p>The adcom wants to see a bit of passion in this essay. Can you relate a couple quirks of Penn found nowhere else (I'm sure no one else throws toast during football games...) to your own goals instead of using that generic approach?</p>