Confused?!- am i applying as international or as regular american kids?

<p>im a canadian citizen but ive been living in the US for lets see.. for the fifth year now. regularly attending an american school ofc.</p>

<p>im an applicant for green card (permanent residency) for US and the lawyer says that it's gonna come out soon (but they're lawyers and idk what "soon" means in lawyer terms)</p>

<p>when i was renewing for visa (for US) the customs said that im an applicant for green card so i cant have a visa since my resident status in america is: permant resident applicant.</p>

<p>Am i applying as an international student because i dont have a US citizenship or my green card (yet)or as a regular first year student like all my friends here are?
THANKs in advance! please help!</p>

<p>Since you won't need any college to issue an I-20 visa for you to stay in the US, I would assume you will just apply as a resident alien.</p>

<p>I'm not sure, but I don't think that resident alien = international. If you attend a US high school, and you live here, you're probably not an international that comes literally from that country.</p>