confused and need heLP

<p>hey guys. from reading many of the posts on here it seems that most small colleges are lacking in the science area and resources available to science students. since i want to do pre-med/biochemistry, but want to go to a school where class sizes are small I am a little confused. i live in NY if that changes anything, and am looking for schools with class sizes averaging around 20-30 kids, and with 5,000-10,000 students. could you please give me suggestions to help me start. thanks.</p>

<p>Small LACs aren't bad for science. </p>

<p>Schools like Middlebury, Amhert, etc. have excellent programs.</p>

<p>Actually you don't necessarily want to go to a school with a strong graduate science reputation. MEd schools care about MCAT, grades, overall institutional strength for undergrad, and access to professors. I'd argue that its much better to go to a "cozy" school where you get attention than a reaearch heavy pressure cooker. </p>

<p>I'd recommend: Dartmouth, Brown, Penn, Columbia, HYP, Stanford, etc.</p>

<p>Get into one of these, look at your options, and then choose for fit.</p>

<p>so you are basically suggesting all the ivies. i have good grades (98 GPA), SAT scores, and ECs, but what about other options?</p>

<p>what are other options? i am just looking for suggestions so that i can visit places and get some ideas.</p>

<p>Washington University
Duke University</p>

<p>those were the two top schools that came to mind when you said bio-chem and pre-med</p>

<p>U Chicago, Johns Hopkins, and U Rochester are good for premed. Bates is great, but is smaller than your target school.</p>

<p>thanks for the suggestions, and OneMom I am looking for small schools to look at because i think i will like them more so if you have any other ideas of small school please let me know.</p>